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Our Approach

Sustainability is particularly important to us.

We strive to produce high quality, durable furniture that has as little impact on the environment as possible. We carefully select materials and manufacturing processes that prioritize sustainability, such as using yacht, renewable or recycled materials, reducing waste and emissions, and investing in energy-efficient technologies.

Our Concept

Our furniture is designed to be durable and timeless. Especially with regard to our special outdoor upholstery, we place very high value on responsible material sourcing and work with suppliers who are equally committed to sustainable and ethical practices. 


The upholstery materials we use are so durable and high quality that they can be reupholstered or reused even years later, making a significant contribution to the environmental friendliness of our furniture.​

Our Standard

In addition, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our approach to sustainability, whether through innovative new materials or processes, or by educating our customers on how to care for their furniture and extend its life.


Our commitment to sustainability reflects our belief that luxury and responsibility must coexist to create a better future for both our customers and our planet.

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